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Building loyalty with onchain rewards

A Farcon 2024 lightning talk proposal

This lightning talk is being proposed by Humpty for Farcon to share how onchain rewards are proving to be the future of consumer loyalty and engagement.

The talk will highlight the evolving landscape of consumer loyalty and community engagement by introducing key topics such as consumer loyalty strategies, community building tactics, and the integration of onchain rewards.

The purpose of the talk is to explore how businesses can leverage these elements to drive growth and enhance customer relationships.

  • We will start by defining consumer loyalty and its first, second and third order effects.

  • We will look at some of the strategies used for building consumer loyalty and their limitations.

  • We will continue by defining community building and its significance and discover some of the tactics used for effective community building

  • We will explore onchain rewards, its benefits, and how they may be integrated to existing loyalty and community programs.

  • Lastly, we will see how these work today through a showcase of successful implementations plus unearth novel opportunities using some of the onchain and Farcaster native tools available today.

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of consumer loyalty, its vital importance for sustainable business growth and amplifying brand engagement and advocacy, and how onchain rewards introduce innovative ways to incentivize and reward customers.

They will also be encouraged to explore integrating these strategies into their own business models, emphasizing the role of continuous adaptation to meet evolving consumer expectations.

See you at Farcon!


To learn more about Mosaic, and the loyalty products we are building, follow us on Farcaster, X, and blog.

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