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Gitcoin NFT Drop Recap

Rewarding active contributors to the public goods ecosystem

Our Gitcoin campaign has finally come to a close. Thanks to the 1200 people who participated in the campaign and claimed nearly 500 NFT rewards.

We launched the Gitcoin Drop campaign on Valentine's Day (February 14, 2023) with tremendous excitement to play a small part in growing the public goods ecosystem. As longtime fans and users of Gitcoin Passport, Gitcoin Grants and GTC token voting, we were thrilled to reward individuals who were also active in all three. Our team designed three different drops: Traveler, Patron, and Steward. Each drop comprising three distinct rewards.

Drops were modeled using open data to calculate the three different reward levels: Common, Rare, Mythical. Each reward was designed to be increasingly difficult to achieve.

For example, Traveler Common rewarded Gitcoin Passport users who received a Passport score of 15-19, Traveler Rare rewarded a Passport score of 20-24, and Traveler Mythical rewarded a Passport score of 25 and above.

Our team meticulously analyzed Gitcoin data including Gitcoin Passport, Gitcoin Grants and GTC token voting (through Snapshot). Through our analysis, we discovered clear resistance levels to users achieving higher levels of participation. As a result, the rewards criteria served as both reward to those who had achieved a significant level of difficulty and incentive encouraging those individuals who needed a small push to increase their participation.

As we move forward, we will take our learnings from this campaign and continue to make improvements to provide a valuable experience to both projects and collectors. Special thanks to everyone who helped make this happen at the Gitcoin team and its community.

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